Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Blogger!

2 months ago was the beginning of a new start! Every year people make resolutions or goals for themselves for the new year. And every year my resolution is usually the same "to be happier". But it seems at the end of the year i'm no different then the start of the year! How can I get that to change?

This year I decided to do something a little different for New Years Eve. There is an old saying that whatever you are doing at the strike of midnight on New will be doing that the whole year! So I thought mhmmm how do I normally spend New Years Eve....flashbacks of wine and Ryan Seacreat flash in my head. So this past New Years Eve...I booked a reservation for Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg with my baby (aka Partner in Crime). We had a ball that night! She loved "swiming" in the kiddie section...I loved my few minutes I got in the hot tub before she was ready to go back to the kiddie! They had a magic show for the kids and of course the big NYE party in the conference area! We spent the evening dancing to the YMCA (and other corny family dance hits), watching middle aged men do the "dougie", and having a ball!! My baby could barely stay up for the countdown but she did make it!! And I gave her a big hug and kiss and I was so happy that instead of staying at home wishing for a happier new year...that I was out pursing it!!

Fast foward 2 months later!!

Time sure flies doesn't it!! I can't believe tomorrow will be March 1st! Soon it will be time to put up the Christmas Tree...j/k. So I did make some "goals" after leaving Great Wolf Lodge that New Years Day. Well my first goal was to build stronger friendships. Being a single parent with no family in the area sometimes gets lonely so my plan was to look to meet new friends and build upon the friendships I already have. Not always easy in an area where people aren't always friendly...but I'm trying! In January I hosted a Wii Dance Party at my house. It was a blast! Friends from work came over...I had goodies and everyone loved my mom's 7-layer salad!! No one can say Just Dance isn't a workout...we were all pooped towards the end! :)

I also joined the Singles group at the church. I went to one of their events in mid-February. It was a ladies only chat basically a "what to do as you wait for your mate" discussion sort of thing. But it was nice and gave me an opportunity to be around grow-ups (moms you feel me). Also in February I went to this exclusive mom's group membership tea! It was interesting...we'll see what happens with that.

My second goal for 2012 was to grow in my relationship with God! I need to pray more and feel his presence more in my life. God has blessed me in so many ways and I so grateful he never leaves me! The church I've been going to has a children's section. I take my daughter there during service most of the time. At the end of January, she told me she didnt want to go to the children's church anymore. I said to her...well what if I volunteer to work in the childrens area sometime...would you like that. She said yes instantly!! The following Sunday...I go to check her in to the children's church area and there is a big sign that says "We need volunteers in the children's church"!! Is that God or what?? So last Sunday was my first time volunteering with church's church! It worked out fine! The lesson for the kids was on the Ten Commandments and I need to do a little better myself (winks**)!
The Singles group at the church also has a ladies bible study so I go for the first time this coming Saturday!

So...I started this blog as a kind of accountability that I will remember my goals for the year and not just wish for happiness but enjoy happiness around me!!!  Enjoy my blogs!!!



  1. Follow your it.
    The blog will be your first steps to finding the things you truly want and deserve.

  2. It's so funny that Jervay, above, wrote "follow your bliss." I did a blog post on that recently. I'm so glad you're blogging. It's such a great creative outlet!