Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Already!!

Can't believe it's already August! Time goes by so fast its almost scary sometimes. Whatever happened to the days when summers seemed to last forever!! When I was a kid, summers were soooo long! Now it feels like it's just a rushed few months trying to keep up with busy schedules. Swim lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tennis on Saturday unless it rains then tennis will be on Friday. Oh and I have to schedule some "me" time. What are we doing this weekend...what weekend can we fit that in..who can we go visit during this weekend?? AHH!!

I love to keep busy but sometimes I feel like maybe I should rejoice in having nothing to do. Maybe that is why summers as a kid felt like forever b/c we never did anything My parents rarely signed us up for activities and definitely not at 5 years old. A few weeks ago or maybe a few months (I often lose track) I read a blog from a pastor that told people to live "one square at a time". Meaning don't be so concerned with what's going to happen 2 weeks from now...a month from now. Enjoy the day you are one square on the calendar at a time! O Lord please help me to do this.

It's funny on a Monday people at work may say..."is it Friday yet?"...OMG I'm not kidding...Friday comes so fast..they don't even have to say that! I wish the days would slow down more. I wish I could go back to Monday.

I think I should challenge myself to enjoy each square on the calendar for this last month on summer!

My daughter often comes home from daycamp so eager to show me a new game she's learned. Last night she showed me a card game called "Skip-O"? Two players get 12 cards each..and they make 2 lines of 6 cards. We try to line up the cards so they will appear to go in order 1-12. It's a cute little game. Her being an only child I am her friend in the evenings to play with and she often wants to play over and over again. When I would like nothing other than to lay on the cough and not move! But last night and tonight we played "Skip-O" over and over again and it was fun!!

Lord help me to enjoy one square at a time and allow me to blog about what I learn day by day!!

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