Thursday, March 15, 2012

20ish vs. 30ish Ladies Night

In college..when it was the would find the tightest pair of black pants (hopefully not full of lint)...and a revealing top...go to the "downtown area"..and stay out til wee hours in the morning. I wasn't much of a drinker in college but I do have memories of my friend Felecia making awful mixed drinks with Tanqueray and coke? Yuck! I remember going to parties in college in apartment clubhouses which we called "the sweat box" and at the end of the night...everyone was dreched from sweating so much. But it was so much fun...we had to do it again the next weekend!!

After college...the 20s...were filled with lots of happy hours and lounges. Hanging out late during the week knowing my tail had to get up the next morning for work! But I didn't care b/c I was young and having fun!! Learned to love going to lounges and chatting it up meeting new people!

Now...30s. Maybe my view is a little different than others because I am a mom..I don't have grandma in the area for "on the call" babysitting so my ladies nights are carefully planned out! Last weekend I ventured out for ladies night in Georgetown! We went to this chic restaurant...though the concept was cool...I probably won't be frequenting that restaurant again. Then we ventured to a place close by since my Ladies Nights Out consists of having a curfew (babysitter can't stay too long...I'm paying her by the Not to ladies nights consists of a two drink's all about being responsible now!

The bar next door was not the scene for an exciting night on the town. Although there was this one guy that was enjoying himself on the dance floor (with no rhythm I might add)...but hey he was having fun!

A friend asked me to ask the DJ to play "Back that thing up" for giggles and the DJ actually played it!! Me and her got on the dance floor for a little "backing up"  and then the no rhythm guy started dancing with us. Everyone that was at that bar was staring at us on the dance floor..EVERYONE!!! I was so scared that we were going to end up on YouTube or something!

Then soon after that...the clock striked midnight and my carriage was about to turn into a pumpkin so it was time for me to head back to my baby!!

Ladies night in the 30s...has to be more exciting than this?? Whatever happened to getting tipsy and flirting with cute boys...are those times just memories??

To be continued...


  1. You can still get tipsy and flirt with cute boys! Your wild side is buried in there somewhere! ;-)